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Monday, April 03, 2006

PR 'will it stay in' Business

How bad was the first copy of PR Business? PR Weak has nothing to fear if this first issue is the editorial tone of things to come.

Fellow PR monkey Stephen gets all excited about the burgeoning amounts of Tech PR coverage, but makes no comment about quality of the editorial. And it's no wonder PR Weak hasn't dedciated a page to Tech PR before if this is the poop that gets printed.

Perhaps both mags could fight over the services of fellow flack Adrian L who reveals the new low trade media has reached with this gem from UK Press:
Only this week I wrote a news story that appeared word for word in a publication as its page 3 lead. This was a result of pitching a client and then being asked to write the story up. I actually had to ring several of my client's rivals to get quotes from them which I had to present in a completely impartial way (in fact I led the story off about one of them, not my own client!).

In the words of Vince Noir, 'genius'.



Anonymous Stephen said...

Give it time my furry friend. Give it time. :-) Still early days yet.

As you mentioned, my post focuses toward tech content in both pubs, so in this case, PR B beat PR W hands down... in my very humble opinion.


P.S Like the Mighty Boosh reference there. A personal favourite.

1:04 pm


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