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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Google Analytics

After reading a post by the PR Blogger, I've subscribed to Google Analytics. And I have to say, it's the mutts nuts.

Really fascinating to see who has been reading what, especially with the URL tracking feature.

By far and away the best tool Google has published to-date. Though I do have to say that it took a few weeks for the account to be set up and when you apply you get that usual automated arrogant response from Google along the lines 'Look, we're busy, you insignificant pimple on the blogosphere. We may, at some point, be arsed to get back to you. But don't hold your breath.'

Nice to know you're a valued user.

So here's something for Google to chew on while they proccess accounts.

Hell hath no fury like a PR monkey scorned (or, indeed, just mildly miffed).



Blogger Wadds Tech PR Blog said...

The popularity of some key words such as "technology PR" means that advertisers can be paying more than £10 a click through. If dodgy searchers or illicit search-bots are clicking fraudently its going to rack up some fairly expensive ad programmes.

6:00 pm

Blogger PR Monkey said...

Shocking. 'Back in the day' when I was working for my previous agency we were one of the first to set up an Adwords campaign. 'Technology PR' cost a measly $1.50 to come top of the listings.

6:11 pm

Anonymous Stephen said...

Thanks for the link PRM. My favourite is the 'network location' section. It allows you see which corporation networks have visited.

The data is quite surprising at times.

10:39 pm


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