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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup TV schedules

Is it just me or is Ronaldo getting fatter in each match? A pair of specs, longer hair and he could star as Rolly in Grange Hill: The Feature Film (check it out, it's on the cards - unbelievably).

Anyway, just in from the beeb:

The BBC and ITV have agreed the division of games for the quarter finals. The
games will be shown on TV in the UK as follows:

Friday 30 June

Germany v Argentina 1600 BST ko. ITV

Italy v Ukraine 2000 BST ko. BBC

Saturday 1 July

England v Portugal 1600 BST ko BBC

Brazil or Ghana v Spain or France 2000 BST ko ITV

The BBC games will also be streamed on broadband (UK only).

If England reach the semi-final stage, both BBC and ITV will show the game live,
with ITV showing the remaining semi-final exclusively.

If England do not reach the semi-final stage, ITV will have first pick of the semi-final games, with BBC broadcasting the other match.

Both broadcasters will show the World Cup final live.

All games will be on Five Live, with the commentary streamed on this website (UK only)

Thank god the BBC got the quarters as ITV's coverage has been worse than a long chat on the porcelain telephone after a heavy night on lager and vindaloo.



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