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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bring back badhack

Where for art thou badhack?

Cribbing from Justin Lee Collins, the PR Monkey is starting a campaign to bring back badhack. It's been two months now since the last post, and the monkey is upset that his weekly dose of hack humour has disappeared from his RSS reader.

So bring back badhack and email him at mrbadhack@googlemail.com , you know you want to.



Blogger mrbadhack said...

Thanks for the support, Mr Monkey. You're right, it has been a bit quiet on the BadHack front...in fact all I've had into the email is a steady stream of spam.

I can't go making things up now, can I, so unless the great and the good of the UK PR and media industry send me their stories, I'm afraid it'll see me six foot under. Which is a pity.

There's been a couple of recent BadHack-like stories over at Getting Ink, the: 101's blog (www.gettingink.typepad.com) - maybe Gary and Sally are in a better position to spill the beans?

4:16 pm


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