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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

PR what-o-sphere?

We like Stephen Davies and his blog at PR monkey towers. His fresh-faced enthusiasm for the PR industry and blogging is charming and, somethimes, infectious.

His latest post on the state of the PR blogosphere reveals some interesting stats.

According to Stephen's sources, there are only 19 UK PR practitioner blogs and 6 self-styled UK blog consultant blogs.

And this information is from Edelman's latest Me2Revolution recruit.

But clearly it isn't Me2, is it. Not with only 25 professionals bothering to blog.

With 44,000 professionals in the industry, only 0.0005% blog. It's phenomena, I tell ya. A 2,000% year-on-year increase in numbers could result in a staggering 1% blogging! Woohoo!

It makes the PR monkey feel priveleged to be one of the few.



Anonymous Stephen Davies said...

Cheers PRM,

It puts it into context a little doesn't it? Still, the US PR blogosphere has grown nearly 100% which, I guess, is showing decent progress over there.

Saying that, I've just checked again and this blog isn't listed so maybe there's a couple more that isn't either?

Also, I'll be working in the Interactive Solutions department ... not Me2. And I'll be having a stint in each of the company's traditional PR practices too.

What, in your opinion, do you think is best for a grad to do: Become a specialist or be an all-rounder?

I like the idea of the former but think the latter will be more practical.

11:18 am

Blogger PR Monkey said...

SD - add me in or I'll send round the gorillas.

With regards to your question:

The core basics of PR are the same across all practices. The specialism comes in in developing a deep understanding of a particular market and related media and audiences.

Being a PR consultant means you are paid to give expert advice. An all-rounder who hasn't picked up one or more specialisms can't really provide valued consultancy.

So I would definitely 'specialise'. It doesn't mean you can't switch practices at a later date as most skills are transferable.

11:34 am

Anonymous Stephen Davies said...

Thanks my friend - sound advice. BTW which practice pays the most? :-)

Going back to the PR blogosphere numbers. If the blogosphere as a whole in doubling in size every five months but the PR blogosphere's increase is nowhere near as close, then surely it says more about the stagnancy of the PR profession than anything else.

12:43 pm

Blogger PR Monkey said...

Financial PR pays the most, but is full of poorly trained monkeys doing calendar work. I'd rather have my little monkey nuts rubbed with a cheese grater than do 'city' PR.

And yes, PR is a stagnant profession. Here endith lesson #1 my young PR padawan.

12:54 pm

Anonymous Stephen said...

"I'd rather have my little monkey nuts rubbed with a cheese grater than do 'city' PR."

Heh! :-)

1:22 pm

Blogger PR-Guy said...

First become a GREAT generalist. In the process you'll find the area that you most WANT to specialize in.

Then, specialize and double your rate.


5:01 pm

Anonymous Sarah Hayman said...

Where are all the girls? In an industry dominated by women, the female side of the fence seems to be drastically under represented in the blogosphere. Come on girls, fight your corner!

On the subject of generalist vs specialist. Healthcare, finance and tech PR pay the best - all of which will need you to specialise fairly quickly. Unless you like living on canapes at launch parties steer clear of fashion, music or beauty PR. Pretty, but poor.

7:40 pm


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