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Friday, July 07, 2006

Recruitment agencies

The PR monkey was having a conversation with a recruitment agency yesterday about making an offer to a candidate, and the agent made an off-the-cuff remark that she couldn't remember that last time she got an inbound job-hunting call from the monkey's agency.

Encouraging stuff - and exactly what you want to hear as an employer.

The recruitment agent also said that some of the other PR agencies the candidate was interviewing with were, on the other hand, rich pickings for unsettled and disgruntled employees.

This got the PR monkey thinking that if he were a junior candidate on the market looking for his first move and trying to sort the good agencies from the bad and the ugly, then there's no better place to start than with recruitment agencies. A quick straw poll of different agents would probably give some interesting insight based on the annecdotal evidence given by hundreds or thousands of previous candidates.

Some recuitment agencies refuse to work with certain agencies, and many have 'black lists' of the worst sweat shops and down right horrific places to work.

So why not? As a junior, your first move is often a springboard for your career, so any information you can get that goes beyond the shiny facade that PR shops put up would be invaluable.



Anonymous Sarah Hayman said...

I am relieved, and slightly taken aback, that PR Monkey can see that recruitment agencies have their uses. As a head hunter in PR I regularly feel that we're viewed as just above estate agents and a bit below lawyers in the gene pool. We can, in fact, offer insight into both the agency and in-house world - and let you know where it really isn't worth going to work!

7:35 pm


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